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Meet Halo: The Emmanuel College Saints' Mascot!



“Halo,” the Saint Bernard


The Saint Bernard was originally bred to rescue stranded travelers in treacherous conditions. The breed’s history and legacy of great energy, strength and dedication connects well with Emmanuel’s mission, tenacity and commitment to social justice.  We are the SAINTS!


Legend has it that Saint Bernard of Menthona (or Bernard of Montjoux) founded a monastery and a hospice around 1049 A.D. in a dangerous and perpetually snowy passageway in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland.  This passageway would later become known as the Great Saint Bernard Pass.  In the 17th century, a certain breed of dog became the companion of the monastery’s resident monks and were thought to have been the result of breeding a certain mastiff-style dog, originally brought by the Roman Army, with local dogs from the Swiss countryside. At the time, these dogs would accompany the monks on search patrols through the pass. The dogs were able to detect avalanches in advance, had a terrific sense of smell and succeeded at finding people buried in snow. Over the years their role turned to one of search and rescue, and dogs were often sent in groups to search the pass when the weather was too inclement for the monks.  This famous breed of dog is named after the hospice, as well as Saint Bernard, himself. 


The Great Saint Bernard Pass monastery and hospice still stand today after hundreds of years of being beacons for weary travelers.  Saint Bernard founded the site, which came to bear his name, at the highest point of the pass, 8,000 feet above sea-level.  The last documented rescue by a Saint Bernard was in 1955.  However, “Halo,” the beloved mascot for the Emmanuel Saints can often be seen at Emmanuel College’s athletic events cheering our teams on to victory!

Key Stats

Breed: Saint Bernard
Height: 5'5"-6'2"
Weight: 120 lbs.-180 lbs.
Former Occupation: Swiss Alps rescue dog
Hero: The Red Sox's Wally the Green Monster
Favorite Team: The Saints
Favorite Color: Blue and Gold!!!!!
Favorite Pre-Game Meal: Scraps from the dining hall
Twitter Page: @HaloEC