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Captains' Chronicles

Captains' Chronicles

Welcome to Captains' Chronicles, GoECSaints.com's newest feature designed to get you more informed and involved with your favorite EC teams through the eyes of the captains.

Throughout the year, we will check-in with the captains from each team and see what's going on behind the scenes with each program. We'll talk about sports, school, and the team, but we'll also change things up and ask the hard-hitting questions, such as "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" or "Summer or Winter?" 

That's where you come in! Send us questions, comments, requests, or anything you'd like at @ECSaints on Twitter, @EC_Saints on Instagram or at our Facebook page, and the athletes will do their best to answer and reply to everything through the captains' chronicles!

WOMEN'S SOCCER - Ari Cardillo, Maggie Carey, Katelyn Fink

MEN'S SOCCER - Stefano Sainato, David Field, Cian O'Sullivan

WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL - Brittany Tutalo, Danielle Rose, Shannon Dudley

WOMEN'S CROSS COUNTRY - Sarah Barnard, Julie Roberts