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Athletic Training

Emmanuel College provides its community with a full-service athletic training room. The athletic training room, with its certified staff members, provides services such as emergency medical care, event coverage, pre-participation evaluations and recognition, evaluation, prevention, and rehabilitation of injury.

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Athletic Training Room

ALL Student-Athletes (all years, including transfers):

In order to participate in athletics at Emmanuel, you must be medically cleared. Prior to stepping on the field, court or track, all three steps (detailed below) must be completed.  Once on the official roster with both Head Coach and ATC staff, an instructional email regarding Sportsware to be sent to student-athletes explaining how to make and update your athletic medical file online.

a. You must first have your Head Coach add you to their official roster with the ATC staff.

b. Fill out all required paperwork provided from ATC staff.       

c. Submit ALL paperwork online through the medical profite site (Sportsware).                            

Ellie Morse
Athletic Training
Emmanuel College
400 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
PHONE - 617-975-9313 
EMAIL - morseel@emmanuel.edu 

In order to compete in intercollegiate athletics, all student-athletes must have documented proof of health insurance on file in the Athletic Training Room.